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Dentist in East Geelong

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East Geelong Dental Practice is a highly respected dental practice that offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments for East Geelong patients. We listen to our patients in order to understand their needs and develop personalised treatment plans.

Dental Check-Ups in East Geelong

Visiting our dentist in East Geelong is the first step to preventing minor oral health issues from getting worse. Many people think that undergoing regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning procedures aren’t necessary, but they play a very important role in helping our patients to maintain their oral health and overall wellbeing. We also offer a wisdom teeth check-up in East Geelong to assess the state and position of wisdom teeth and determine if they need to be extracted.

Children’s Dentist in East Geelong

Teaching children healthy oral hygiene habits and making sure they undergo regular dental check-ups throughout their childhood is important, helping them to develop good oral health habits for the rest of their life. Our children’s dentist in East Geelong focuses on preventative dentistry and can work with you and your child to ensure they grow up to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dental Implants in East Geelong

If you’re interested in getting dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth, East Geelong Dental Practice can provide the assistance and information you need. Our friendly cosmetic dentist in East Geelong will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about getting dental implants in East Geelong.

Root Canal Dentist in East Geelong

East Geelong Dental Practice has an experienced root canal dentist in East Geelong who can carry out root canal treatments. This treatment can restore both the health and function of teeth that have succumbed to severe decay, providing an alternative to extraction.

Emergency Dentist in East Geelong

If you have a dental emergency, East Geelong Dental Practice has an emergency dentist in East Geelong who is available to see patients right away. Whether you’ve broken a tooth, are experiencing toothache or have a loose filling, call our clinic now.

At East Geelong Dental Practice, we also offer In-Chair Teeth Whitening as well. To find out which option suit you best, Call the clinic today!

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To make an appointment for any of our dental treatments in East Geelong, call our clinic today on (03) 5229 3945 or contact us online.

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